During the years of active development projects, we have built up strongest competence in programming projects using social networking .
                                 We will help you get around the pitfalls in using the API, moderation / applications blocking, etc.


We believe it is important to monitor the effectiveness of the project, so the quality customizable Analytics, and you get the opportunity to track KPI campaign and make decisions on its optimization on the fly .

Design UI / UX

Design UI / UX is not our forte, but our experience will help you or your designer, develop UI / UX-specific social networks .

We launched a 100 projects, including 19 Application Vkontakte , 6 applications Odnoklassniki , 19 applications Facebook , 5 applications Instagram , 2 applications Twitter .
Most of our work is under NDA, and for obvious reasons, is not represented.

Competition for masters of beauty from holding Verbena

September 10, 2015

The wizard creates the image of a girl 20-80h of the last century and publishes photos to   social networks, users vote huskies, the winner wins a trip to Italy!

Idea and design:
Development: Presto Heads
Chip: Automatic collection of pictures of the hashtag of VKontakte and Instagram, with the likes of social synchronization. networks.

Promo site for the tariff from MTS Red Energy

In support of tariff Red Energy MTS was developed interactive promotional site, aggregating activity of MTS communities VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter and website design Red Quest. For users of tablets and phones, it has been developed mobile version.

The idea and design: Grape
Development: Presto Heads for Markuper
The trick: The aggregation of the most popular activities of MTS social networks with a nice scrolling effect.

Finest hour: interview for Avon

The server generates an image of the Quiz, accurately simulates the photo turn a glossy magazine, which published an interview with the user. On one page Users turn to post pictures on the other - an article with interview. When generating the magazine, a special library for graphics. The image quality in conjunction with the reflections on the glossy pages provide complete realism. Users have the opportunity to share the magazine.

The idea and design: Grape
Development: Presto Heads for Markuper
Chip: Posting on the walls user synchronization likes, building ranking.

Poetry contest for haiku Domestos

Domestos section of the site for the contest haiku poems. A series of question and answer, authorization participants through social networks, the preservation of sent hockey. Options are shown on prime time lineup (timeline), filtering. Customers determine the winners by voting.

Idea and design: Grape
Development: Presto Heads for Markuper
Chip: Voting options Schering haiku in social networks

Portal LCD Odinburg

Interactive site for the new residential complex "Odinburg." The buyer can see the house from different angles, to compare the layout of apartments, reserve a hotel apartment.

Idea and design: ATOM Media
Development: Presto Heads
chip: Integration with the API provider of data on the status of the apartments and their availability on the map 3D-model of the house using SVG-masks

Aggregator films for Kinovtornikov MTS and Karo Film

Aggregator movies, going to the cinema network Karo Film on Tuesdays, with the possibility to search a session on theater location, time show and movie ratings. Users can view trailers, read the news, and interviews with the stars, and after selecting a movie, to send an invitation to another free session by email or social network. For some films, developed Landing with competitions, eg Marine Brigade and Real Steel.

Idea and design: Grape
Development: Presto Heads for Markuper
Chip: Integration with Karo Film API to retrieve actual showtimes, trailers for the player with a custom design, using YouTube API and quality "rubber" layout

News site for a fund to support cultural initiatives 'Meeting'

The project was implemented in the Metro-style website allows you to filter events, projects and well-known figures in the world of art. Adapted for tablets.

Idea and design: Artonika
Development: Presto Heads
The trick: The aggregation of events and projects Yandex map. Adaptation to the plates.

Promo site for ordering personal investment by the investment company ATON

A potential customer can acquainted with personal consultants ATON through beautiful video interview, ask them questions and request a personal consultation on investment in one of the cities in Russia.

Idea and design: Grape
Development: Presto Heads for Markuper
Chip: An animated interactive SVG-schedule with randomly construction. Map to Office Google Maps with the Custom markers.

Landing Volkswagen Tiguan for sale

mobile version here

Landing Volkswagen Touareg for sale

mobile version here

We are proud that our code is used in the projects of well-known brands.

Support Fund and the preservation of cultural initiatives

Branding agency "Artonika" expresses gratitude to the representatives Presto Heads for fruitful cooperation on the project of creating the site for the foundation "Collection."

The challenge is to implement the Agency developed "Artonika" creative design with animation and programming Cross catalogs events, projects, known figures in the art world, with the display in the form of articles, as well as labels on Yandex-map.

Representatives of the Presto Heads participated and supported us during the meetings with the client, their adequacy and professionalism accelerate the adoption of many joint solutions.

Importantly, the site has been adapted for all kinds of mobile platforms. It was shot and sounded Videos for administration panel. During the whole period of time working on the site, as well as for a long time after its launch Presto Heads team provides prompt and competent technical support for the project.

Our agency would like to thank the team Presto Heads for quality web development, responsiveness and professionalism.

Vitaly Filin

Director of Customer Service Artonika

Games for VKontakte 'Find a happy couple,' 'Me and My Refrigerator'

The promotion was successful, and I light-heartedly writing this review. We are grateful to Presto Heads for the operational implementation of our plan.

When you run a media campaign mistakes were minimal, thanks to the rapid test, carried out by you before starting the project. The designed control panel designed and easy-to-use animations, fonts, and graphics are displayed perfect in all popular browsers and platforms.

The client gave very positive feedbacks on the application, advertised its brand, and the protesters received well-deserved awards. All were satisfied :)

The overall impression of the project adequately, surely, in time. Thank you, keep it up!


Head of Project Management Articul Media Group

Appendix Quiz for Facebook and VKontakte

With a team Presto Heads for a responsible approach to the work on the project of our client. Starting next season of the popular TV show, it was decided to advertise, including the launch of gaming-puzzles for social networks Facebook and VKontakte.

Developers Presto Heads coped with the implementation of complex inter-user interactions calculations assessed participants points, collect and display data about the progress of the quiz.

The project was launched in a short time, replicas of some pages were approved by the client in the process of development. I remember the enthusiasm, with which the team worked through the necessary details, and the manager was in touch 24/7.

Encourages continuing cooperation, especially in complex projects.


Project manager Articul Media Group

Website neighborhood gentrification

This review is dedicated to the development of large-scale online representation of the whole neighborhood. Customer resource is one of the leading development companies in Moscow that specializes in large-scale building projects, sales and property management. The importance of this project for our Agency is difficult to overestimate, the more important was the decision to select a contractor to whom we trusted software implementation of the project.

I would like to say a few words about the project. The scale and range of options, the site is rather a portal through which employees interact builder with potential buyers.

The website clearly highlights the progress of construction of the residential complex: there are updated section with photos and carried out an online broadcast with video cameras installed on construction sites.

The interactive 3D-model of the complex, visitors can choose to explore and get them interested in the apartment. All floor plans of the complex and interactive. Implemented online booking form and a list of available booking of apartments is synchronized with the server developer and is relevant to all the schemes and sections of the site. To residents of the complex created Club forum.

In other words, life is filled with advanced online means of advertising and sale of real estate. Content all sections of the resource is updated via the administration panel, the application of technical solutions for convenient users and works on all popular browsers and platforms.

Agency ATOM Media, and I, as the project manager, team Presto Heads grateful for the execution of the enormous the volume of work in the shortest time. Special thanks for the prompt technical support, which has repeatedly It has been provided to us, after the signing of the act of acceptance of work.

We wish the further creative and commercial success!


Director of Production Department ATOM Media

Brilliance! The team at Presto Heads have been fantastic again and again. Delivering our projects to the highest standards in Web Development. They work extremely hard to gain customer satisfaction and they do a fantastic job at it.

Mr Stanislaw who always communicated with us on behalf of Presto Heads was always punctual and accurate in all communications with us. Just to sum it up in 1 line:

The Team at Presto Heads are Brilliant and you can be assured any Web development project that you have will be a guaranteed success with this fantastic team, Thank you very much!!

Vincent Hamilton

FIJI Networks Management

We’ve been working with Presto Heads for a long time and know we can rely on them 100%! They are an extremely talented team with great communication and understand exactly what we require regardless of the complexity of the project.

We highly recommend and continue to use Presto Heads over any other development team for their professionalism, accuracy and worth ethic.

We value their partnership and look forward to working together further in the future! Thanks for everything you’ve done for us Presto Heads!

Tim Williams

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